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Beltane Farm

Beltane Farm is a community of 80 goats (all named and all with their different personalities) that are fed grain and local hay when they aren't grazing through the nearby bushes and thorns. The goats are treated humanely and animal care and health is put above all so none of the animals are given any injections or antibiotics.Paul Trubey wanted to feel connected to the earth, the seasons, and animals, and found that making goat cheeses was his way of affording this mission. The partnership with the animals, the daily ritual of milking, the seasonal quality of the milk and cheese, and the sharing of all of this with the community is why Beltane Farms exists. Beltane Farm products are available at several farmers' markets across the state and at local stores, but if you get a chance see if you can schedule a visit to the farm.

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  • Paul
    (860) 887-4709
Our Locations
  • Beltane Farm & Tasting House
    59 Taylor Bridge Road
    Lebanon, CT 06249

    Oct - May:Sun, 11 AM - 3 PM

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Goat cheese




Goat Milk
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