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Cato Corner Farm

Liz MacAlister and Mark Gillman are the fantastic mother-son duo of Cato Corner Farm who make award-winning aged milk cheeses that satiate the cravings of fancy cheese connoisseurs and everyday cheese lovers alike.

When Liz started making handcrafted cheese in 1997, she began with 10 cows and a few varieties of cheese. Now, she and Mark have 40 cows and 11 artisanal farmstead cheeses that you can find in gourmet shops, restaurants, and farmers’ markets all over Connecticut. Dedicated to making the highest quality dairy products possible, Liz and Mark make all of their cheese by hand with all-natural raw milk from Jersey cows. The milk makes such delicious cheese because it comes from healthy cows that graze happily on fresh pasture grasses and do not receive growth hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. All the rinds and surface molds that grow on Cato Corner cheese as it ages are also natural and integral to the development of the cheese’s full, robust flavor.

Liz and Mark welcome visitors to Cato Corner Farm for cheese tastings and sales every Saturday and Sunday. You can also order Cato Corner cheese through their online store.

Cato Corner is now offering grass-fed beef and veal!  Please call for more information.

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  • Mark or Elizabeth
    (860) 537-3884
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  • Cato Corner Farm - Farm Stand
    178 Cato Corner Road
    Colchester, CT 06415

    Year-Round: Sat & Sun, 10 AM - 3 PM

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