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Connecticut Farm Bureau Association

The Connecticut Farm Bureau Association

The Connecticut Farm Bureau Assocition is a non-profit, grassroots membership organization dedicated to farming and the future of Connecticut farms.  As a non-governmental volunteer association, CFBA serves its members by advocating for agriculture.  As The Voice of Connecticut Agriculture, Connecticut Farm Bureau Association (CFBA) represents the interests of all farm businesses and farming families in our state--organic, conventional, small, large, part-time or full-time. 


Yet, even folks who aren't farmers benefit from our work. CFBA's work of proactively representing the interest of farmers is vital to providing safe, locally grown, farm-fresh products and a high quality of life for all Connecticut residents.


Here are a few examples :


LOCAL IMPACT:  Each county in Connecticut has a Farm Bureau with local boards of directors.  They host gatherings with legislators, free farm tours for families, and socials.   Educational workshops hosted by our county Farm Bureaus serve local members have included topics such as Backyard Farming 101, Growing your own Organic Fruits and Vegetables, Estate Planning, and Responding to Farm Emergencies (for local emergency responders.)


INFORMATION: CFBA hosts conferences for farmers to be sure they're informed on key issues.  Topics have included Emergency Preparedness on the Farm, Farming and Inland Wetlands, Business Planning for Agriculture, Processing Food for Profit, and Planning and Zoning Regulations.  Information presented by panels of experts are not only valuable to members, but to municipal leaders who want to know how to treat farming enterprises fairly in their communities


ADVOCATING FOR LEGISLATION: CFBA encourages its members to stay in touch with their elected officials.  We employ a lobbyist to watch and advocate on issues affecting agriculture.  We communicate directly with members  to keep them informed on issues before the legislature, arranging for them to testify or make phone calls when the time is right.  Recent successes with legislation include limiting equine liability for horse owners, and the Farm, Food & Jobs bill permitting marketing of acidified foods processed on the farm, and locally-produced poultry to be marketed directly to consumers.


SAVING MONEY: Through partnerships, CFBA saves its members money at their home and business.  Through membership discounts, members save money on Nationwide Insurance, heating oil, electricity, health insurance, Grainger supplies and more.


SUPPORTING FUTURE FARMERS: CFBA, through its partner the Connecticut Agricultural Education Foundation, has received a grant to help new and diversifying farmers by providing them a "toolbox" of information they need to know to start out right.  We also offer a Student Membership for full-time students under age 26.  CFBA supports a Young Farmers Committee, folks ages 18-35, and welcomes young leaders' involvement.


GETTING THE FACTS STRAIGHT:  CFBA knows that local farms mean local jobs.  We partially funded a UCONN  study to quantify agriculture's contribution in Connecticut:  $3.5 billion impact generating 20,000 jobs statewide.


SUPPORTING ALL TYPES OF AGRICULTURE:  CFBA, through a USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant, will be supporting Connecticut fruits and vegetable growers by determining how to increase local higher-volume markets for these Connecticut-grown products.  Another CFBA project, the "Support Connecticut Dairy" campaign successfully drew attention to ensuring the future of dairy farmers in Connecticut.  We work closely with seven different producer advisory committees to be sure we're attending to the issues that help keep farmers farming.


Do you want to support local farms in Connecticut?  You don't have to be a farmer to appreciate what Farm Bureau does.  Please help support the good work of the Connecticut Farm Bureau by joining today.  For more information, visit www.cfba.org.


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