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Roseledge Country Inn and Farm

A little bit about Roseledge Country Inn and Farm….
Located in southeastern Connecticut, in the last town of the “Last Green Valley” is where you will find “Roseledge”. Roseledge is the homestead of John Meech, an English Colonial with a colorful past! Surrounded by stonewalls, this organic farm includes a three room B&B and farm shop owned and operated by Gail Kuster Beecher. Being only the 5th owner to this property in over 300 years, it is filled with rich history, gracious country charm and hospitality. 

When did Roseledge Country Inn & Farm begin?
It began in a coffee shop in 1993, when I picked up a real estate book while waiting for a friend. I opened up the book, and there it was! From that very moment until now, every page in the “book of Roseledge” has turned in the right direction. I have never really felt as if I owned it, rather that I was called there to “care” for it!

At the closing in April of 1994, the lawyer asked what the name of the newly acquired property would be. The previous owners had called it “Roseledge”, for the abundant roses that grew there and ledge rock in which it was built upon. It does make you wonder when you garden, how they could grow even there!  The B&B received its first guests on Memorial Day in 1994.

  • A twenty-year celebration was held last June with a Mystic Chamber After Hours reception.
  • Roseledge Country Inn was awarded Yankee Magazines’ “Best Garden B&B in New England” in 2024.


Where is it located
Roseledge is located in Preston within a section of Route 164, designated as a State Scenic Road. Preston is a rural farm town, with gentle rolling hills, fields lined with stonewalls, where an abundance of corn and hay are grown. .


Having been built in 1720, this farm is no doubt rich with history; tell us one unique fact about this property…
It has an underground tunnel that begins at the entrance of the stonewall (which is part of the house’s foundation) on the Rt. 164 side and it continues all the way out to an impressive and high wall in the backside of the barn.

Was there one defining moment when you knew that you wanted to have a farm B&B of your own?
The moment I opened up the real estate book to the page that this property was listed on!


What is your favorite summer breakfast dish that you make your for guests?
I would have to say Strawberry Stuffed French Toast is one of the guests favorite summer dish. Breakfast is served in the gardens on summer mornings! Another hit is my cold summer soup, made with the berries grown right here on the farm!

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