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Non-GMO Bagged Small Grains-Pleasant View Farms Inc.

Pleasant View Farms has been family owned and operated in Somers, Connecticut since it was founded in 1912.  The farm focuses on producing premium hay and straw as well as quality processed corn silage and grows roughly 250 acres of corn and wheat that is combined for the seed and baled into straw, as well as 250 acres of Premium quality orchard grass/Timothy hay. We were happy to have the opportunity to talk to the Lipton Brothers about their operation.

Tell us a little bit about the history of the farm and the current operators.  
Louis along with his two daughters and two sons, Simon and Herman started the farm operation great grandfather Louis Lipton with 35 dairy cows and crops of potatoes and pickling cucumbers. In the 1940’s, an additional 60 acre farm and house were purchased across the street. Over the next ten years, two adjacent farms were purchased which then completed the 350 acres known today as the Pleasant View Farms home farm. The farm continued to increase its dairy herd to 250 cows and raise corn, hay, alfalfa, and small grains.

Herman passed away in 1976. And in 1987, the farm enrolled in the national dairy buy-out program, thus ending the dairy portion of the farm. Jeffrey Lipton, son of Simon, continued to maintain the farm, until his two sons, Louis and Jacob Lipton, joined the business.

Louis attended Howell Cheney Technical High School where he studied mechanics. He worked for several years at Crop Production Services in Broad Brook where he operated fertilizer and crop spraying equipment. He started raising hay crops part-time and in 2024, he joined the farm full-time.

Jacob, the younger brother, attended Rockville High School Vo-Ag and is currently in the final stretch of his college career at the State University of New York at Cobleskill. In May, he will graduate with an Associate’s degree in Sustainable Crop Production and a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Business Management. Jacob is anxious to join the farm full-time year round. His role will be to lead sales and marketing for the operation.

Louis and Jacob are both very devoted to the agricultural industry and Connecticut agriculture in particular. Their roots run deep having grown up on the family farm and are they are currently very active in the CT Farm Bureau Association. Their passion and dedication are undeniable.


What crops are being raised on the farm?  
They are currently raising quality hay in various sizes from small squares and round bales to large square bales. They produce golden weed-free straw, non-gmo grain corn, black oil sunflower for bird feed and various small grains such as rye, oats, wheat, and triticale.

These brothers proudly offer all their grains bagged or in bulk and can customize rations and mix custom blend for any specific purposes. They stock their whole and cracked corn, 17 % layer mash coarse ground feed, and black oil sunflower seeds.


Tell us what led you to raise the non-GMO products?
Over the years, Louis and Jacob have seen a rise in the demand for non-GMO products. In order to fulfill this niche market, as well as grow their own brand recognition in the market place, they made a strategic decision to switch over from using conventional grain varieties to exclusively raising non-GMO varieties.

The Lipton brothers proudly offer all of their grains bagged or in bulk, including the whole & cracked corn, 17% layer mash, and black oil sunflower seeds for bird feed. They also have the ability to customize rations and mix custom blends for any specific purposes. Inquiries about your individual needs are welcomed.

Their bagged feeds are available at several feed stores around the state including the Central CT Co-op in Manchester. Pick-up at the farm in Somers is also encouraged www.pleasantviewfarmsinc.com

What is the one thing you would like everyone to know about Pleasant View Farms?  
They are the fourth generation in this family owned and operated farm business. Having this many years of experience in the agricultural industry they have a clear understanding of the value of building loyal and long term personal relationships with our customers.

What is your favorite season?
Our favorite season is spring. It is when we find ourselves at the most peace on the farm. 

If you have a few extra hours with no strings attached, what do you like to do?
On days that these brothers might have some extra time, they agreed they like to spending it with their family or visiting other local farmers catching up.


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