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Smyth's Trinity Dairy Farm Glass Bottled Milk

Smyth's Trinity Dairy Farm Glass Bottled Milk

We met with Mike Smyth, Anne Dugas and Sam Smyth, their farm, Smyth's Trinity Farm is located at 4 Oliver Road in Enfield CT. The Smyth family has a long and rich history in CT’s dairy industry. They chose to continue the tradition of bottling their own milk and to service the local community with home delivery of their milk and other products. Their products are also readily available at their on-site farm store, as well as several farmers markets around the state.

Mike and his wife, Dale work alongside their children; Peter, Anne and Sam running the daily operations. The next generation attentively helps where they can.

The Smyth's offer a range of dairy products that include milk (whole, 1%, skim, chocolate and coffee), premium yogurt (vanilla, plain, blueberry, raspberry, cherry), butter (salted and unsalted) and cream (half & half and heavy).


What is the one thing you would like everyone to know about your farm?
"Where we are!" said Mike

"Well that and we are very proud of our product, as true and sound nutrition.

We do not sell any dairy product that we do not make ourselves, because we want that same continuity throughout our product lines. We know what goes into the milk because we only bottle milk from our own cows. We chose to bottle in glass to prevent the milk from absorbing odors and because the glass keeps the milk colder.

When we do expand our product line it is based on that same philosophy, it all goes back to starting with a great product, our milk, and carrying its high quality into another product."


When was the farm started?  

Richard Smyth, Mike great grandfather, started Smyth's Trinity Dairy Farm in Enfield in 1914.   It was one of the first farms in the state to pasteurize their milk.   Raw milk in the 1900's was a common source of the bacteria that cause tuberculosis.  Mike, after being approached by a local doctor working to reduce the spread of tuberculous among children, decided that their farm would take the leap and sell pasteurized milk product as a way to minimize the risk presented to children. 


What is the story behind your farm name?

The farm was originally known as the “Smyth Farm”.

In the 1960’s Mike’s father, Tom, renamed the farm, “Smyth Farm Dairy “reflecting their business focus but in the 70’s their large dairy barn located on Route 190 was destroyed in a fire.  When Mike built their current dairy barn in 1984, now located on Oliver Street, he took the opportunity to rename the farm “Smyth’s Trinity Farm” incorporating some of their Irish heritage into the name. 

This state of the art structure for the times- is known by the family members simply as “the barn”.  It certainly is the farms main hub, inclusive of where the cows are fed and milked, the office, the break room, the cafeteria, the daycare and farm store!


What is your favorite time of year on the farm?
This one was a split decision; Mike and Sam agreed that fall was their favorite time…. "Weather’s good, milk production is good, sales are good!"

Anne loves the summer when the farm is all a buzz with the kids being out of school, 4-H activities happening and just having a little more family time. She enjoys being able to spend additional time with her nieces and nephews and seeing the strong bond that their kids build during the all-important “cousin-time”, which is such a precious part of family time here at the farm.


Why do you continue to farm?

"I guess it’s because we just love it! It’s our family’s culture and our way of life. It is the most useful, productive thing we know how to do." says Mike

Several generations of the Smyth's present around the table while we discussed this question.  All of them shared fond childhood memories and wholeheartedly agreed that they wanted to continue that tradition and bring up the next generation “on the farm” that same way.


June is National Dairy Month ….

Consider a visit to meet the families behind Smyth’s Trinity Farm and savor this authentic snapshot of life on a small dairy while enjoying some of the great dairy products CT has to offer!

For more information about our farm, click here.

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