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Perry Hack has been growing a variety of greens and other vegetables hydroponically for several years now. His operation started out in a 100 square foot room at his childhood home in Woodbridge. It's plain to see how they thought of a business name. They grew out of that space and because of zoning issues moved to hamden and built a 900 square foot greenhouse. Now Perry is producing certified organic vegetables in four greenhouses totaling 12,400 square feet.

Hydroponics started out as just a hobby for Perry. He began his professional career in advertising, but after flipping through some articles on hydroponics with Moses, the other guy from Woodbridge, he decided it would be interesting to grow wheat grass, basil and microgreens instead. Business was sound enough for Perry to sell salad greens and herbs to local grocery stores, restaurants, as well as Connecticut farmers' markets.

Perry's growing method suits his business style; it's innovative. Growing hydroponically allows him to get around the constraint of finding enough land to grow on. He also points out that his greenhouse operation is a highly sustainable in many ways. Growing indoors reduces the number of pests (and the need to control them), the plants are kept clean and free of contamination, and the hydroponic system recycles water, reducing the amount required to irrigate his crops. Although Perry is his business, he likes to hire local help and involve people that are as passionate about growing quality food as he.

Another thing Perry is brimming with is ideas. Among these are growing strawberry-shaped tomatoes, certified organic cut flowers, lettuce bouquets for restaurants, and experimenting with other unusual varieties of plants.

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